Shrub Care Services

Our customized shrub care program includes fertilization with insect and disease control. Plus, an anti-desiccant will protect your plants for the winter.

Beautiful shrubs with comprehensive bug control with the help of Royal Turf Custom Lawn Care. A beautiful landscape requires customized spring, summer, fall, and winter shrub care treatments and we can help!

New Jersey is named the Garden State for a reason. We have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, made up by some of the most complex and exotic plant species from all over the world. Caring for this variety of plants can be as complex as navigating the parkway on a sunny Friday afternoon. Royal Turf has over 30 years of experience not only taking care of the wide array of plants found in the Garden State, but also the pests that attack them. We know that leaf minors will destroy your boxwoods, or that black stuff forming on your Holly Bush is caused by an insect. We know why the leaves on your dogwood trees keep falling off the tree in August instead of November. We know that the harsh Northeast winters can wreak havoc on some of those tropical trees planted in your landscape. Better yet, we know how to treat all of these problems with the most advanced products and the highest level of expertise.


Our experience helps us to be able to identify a problem at its earliest stages, whether your plants are feeling the effects of an insect invasion, or fighting a fungus. Sometimes it is too much water or not enough of the right nutrients that can turn a beautiful garden into something less desirable. Identifying and treating these problems correctly and early helps your plants and bushes bounce back faster, keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful.

Insect control keeps those pesky pests away from your beautiful plants and shrubs with Royal Turf's bug and pest control services.


We proactively treat shrubs and plant beds to prevent insect damage and get rid of insects that are or have caused damage to your plants. Identifying the culprit of such problems allows us to properly treat the bug control problems the first time. Our bug exterminator won’t guess or experiment, just deliver proper solutions to the problem for comprehensive pest control.

Do any of your plants' leaves look like this? You need targeted disease control from Royal Turf to get them healthy again. We have the knowledge to treat your shrubs when they are diseased.


There are many causes of diseases among your bushes and plants, such as Apple scab, Powdery Mildew, Rust and Blight. If left untreated, these diseases can take over your whole planter. Royal Turf knows the right way to treat plant diseases to make them healthy again and destroy the cause of the disease. We also apply solutions to protect your plants from the effects of winter.


Early Spring
A dormant oil mix sprayed on your landscape plant material for the control of scale, mites, and overwintering insects, as well as control of egg masses.
Spring granular fertilization helps to improve plant vigor, blooms of spring flowering trees and shrubs, and to aid in winter stress recovery.
Late Spring
Spring pro-active insect and disease control for insects such as eastern tent caterpillars, gypsy moth caterpillars, canker worms, and spruce spider mites. Diseases include Apple Scab, Powdery Mildew, Rust, and Phomopsis twig blight.
Second insect and disease treatment for the control of late spring/summer pests such as mites, scale, lace bugs, bag worm, black vine weevil, and Japanese beetle. Treatment for previously listed diseases continues until dry weather comes in.
A treatment is applied for late season pests such as scale, aphids, mites, and fall web worm.
Winter plant protection of anti-desiccant to protect broadleaf evergreens from drying and transpiration over the winter months, also known as wind burn.

Your beautiful plants and shrubs deserve a beautiful lawn to accompany them! Our spring, summer, fall, and winter lawn care treatments feed your lawn while encompassing crabgrass, weed, grub, and surface insect control.  If your yard has other issues, we also offer services like lawn aeration with overseeding, fungus control, bed weed control, and mosquito / flea / tick control.

Sit back and relax! We have your lawn care services covered. Schedule for spring now and save! New customers who sign up for a complete lawn or shrub care program early in the season get a FREE treatment.